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Accomplish More By Doing Less – Dumb Little Man October 13, 2007

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Accomplish More By Doing Less – Dumb Little Man

Accomplish More By Doing Less

Posted by: Jay White on 10/12/2007 | Join the Discussion (2 comments)

The ‘Einstein Principle’ is very simple. It basically states that we are most productive when we have fewer projects to devote more of our time on. Common sense, right? This way of thinking, if practiced, leads to some interesting results that most definitely increase productivity. If all your attention is spread over less projects, those projects will benefit.

Cal Newport at StudyHacks takes this principle and adapts it to real life so we’re not just purging projects left, right and center.

It involves separating projects into professional, extracurricular, and personal categories [or the like] and marking important projects with stars while removing those that you could leave to rot with no consequence.

With the remaining items, develop a 1-3 week plan for each project, as Cal explains.

Once you completed your crunch plan you’ll be left with only a small number of important projects. In essence, you have purged your schedule of all but a few contenders to be your next Theory of Relativity. Here’s the important part: Try to go at least one month without starting any new projects. Resist, at all costs, committing to anything during this month. Instead, just focus, with an Einsteinian intensity, on your select list.

The great thing about this kind of focus with goals is that it doesn’t only apply to college life. Make these same distinctions with your own projects and focus on what’s important to see some great results.

The Einstein Principle: Accomplish More By Doing Less – [StudyHacks]


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